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St. Brigid Catholic Elementary School Students Responsibilities

The students of St. Brigid Catholic Elementary School are expected to conduct themselves in a manner that demonstrates respect for themselves and others. All students will be expected to demonstrate respect for authority, consideration and respect for others, good work habits, self-control and will consistently show good effort in all that they do.

To this end, students will:
1. Respect the ideas and respond positively to the achievements of others.
2. But forth their best effort in all that is done during the school day.
3. Be punctual and consistent in attendance.
4. Demonstrate self- discipline.
5. Behave and speak courteously and respectfully to all members of the school community.
6. Bring to school and classes the necessary materials.
7. Complete and return on time, all homework assignments.
8. Maintain their daily agenda book.
9. Show respect and care for all school property.
10. Be aware of the consequences of behaviour.
11. Neither take nor touch another person's property without his/her permission.
If students adhere to these expectations, we will have a vibrant, caring, compassionate community where all are valued for their uniqueness!