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St. Jean de Brébeuf opened its doors to 450 Grade 9 and 10 students in the Blessed Sacrament Catholic Elementary School in 1974. In 1975, the school moved into its own building. It was then that “ANIMA, MENS, CORPUS” – “Soul, Mind, Body” became the school motto embodying the heart and soul of the school’s mission. That year also saw the publication of the school’s first yearbook “ECHON”, Huron for the “The Brave One”.

The first Graduation Class from start to finish at Brébeuf was celebrated in 1978 with the graduation class donating a painting of St. Jean de Brébeuf Stations of the Cross. By the school’s tenth anniversary in 1984, the population had reached 1066 students.

When classes began in September 1985, Brébeuf students were housed on dual campuses with the seniors at our present site on Acadia Drive. In 1988, Brébeuf became one again when the two campuses merged at the Acadia Drive site. Since that time, Brébeuf has celebrated memorable 20th and 25th anniversary celebrations.

The year 2000 brought the opening of newly renovated spaces including the new “Founders of Brébeuf” Information Centre and the Chapel. Most recently, an outstanding new gym facility with a fitness centre and dance studio was completed in 2003. Presently, the school boasts a large enrolment and a vibrant community of staff and students working together to embody the spirit of our namesake, St. Jean de Brébeuf.

1974 - S.J.B. opens at Blessed Sacrament Catholic Elementary School with 450 Grade 9 and 10 students
1975 - SJB’s own building opens and ‘ANIMA, MENS CORPUS” – “Soul, Mind, Body” becomes school motto
“ECHON” – “The Brave One” is the first yearbook publication
1977 - 1st Graduation Class
1978 - 1st Graduation Class from start to finish at Brébeuf
Graduating class donates painting of St. Jean de Brébeuf Stations of the Cross presented
1979 - 5th Anniversary celebrations
1980 - Graduating class presents Brébeuf with Cross
1984 - 10th Anniversary (1066 Students)
1985 - Full funding for Catholic Education
September: dual campus – seniors at present building (Acadia Drive)
1988 - Both campuses merged on Acadia Drive
1989 - 15th Anniversary celebrations: “Happy Birthday” spelled out on football field by entire school
1992 - 1648 students
1994 - 20th Anniversary celebrations at old campus
1999 - 25th Anniversary celebrations
2000 - New Library and Chapel
2004 - Blessing of newly renovated spaces
2015 - 40th Anniversary celebrations
2018 - Auditorium Renovations and addition of new wing and 5 classrooms
2019 - Replacement of all windows and exterior paneling on the school property
2020 - Painting of several main hallways, painting and ceiling tiles replaced in all classrooms, updated electrical in all classrooms, creation of calming room in special education, revitalization and painting of school gymnasium, revitalization of the school chapel, revitalization of the school cafeteria, new track on school field installed
2021 - Continuation of the painting of hallways and stairwells, introduction of new welding stations for our manufacturing program, Introduction of school PTECH program